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We provide automation solutions to make your home smarter and safer
Silvan offers remote access to your home from your handheld
Silvan provides smart automation solution for your specific needs
Silvan's integrated property service manager enhances your home security


We offer solutions to homeowners and builders, and liaise with our partners, architects and design consultants.

We believe our solutions offer you the perfect balance between modernity and a traditional lifestyle.

We provide innovative custom solutions, coupled with out-of-the-box technologies to cater to every home automation needs.


Build a home or a community with our solutions and stay ahead of the curve.


Silvan’s automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe and secure lifestyle.


Add class and differentiation to your design with Silvan’s assistance.


Become a part of our network and ensure reliable and dependable delivery.


Silvan’s Smart Home solutions create intelligent homes responsive to your needs. They automate essential functions and integrate different devices and appliances that can be controlled remotely.


Stitch the homes in your apartment complex together into a single, integrated community with a higher level of security and comfort.


Solutions designed for your specific needs.


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  • I have come across a good home automation vendor and thought I should let you guys know about them. I am using them in my Whitefield project and am very happy with their solutions and products. Their systems are also designed to suit Indian conditions and are very simple in principle.

    Anirudha Kamat
    Anirudha KamatIndraprastha Shelters Pvt. Ltd. / Managing Director
  • We are working with Silvan on our Habitech and Marvella projects in Bangalore. After evaluating several systems, we found the Silvan system to be the only system which is truly customized for Indian lifestyle and has built-in fault tolerance, which is very important in large projects. We are very happy with their product, and also the discipline and professionalism with which they are executing these projects.

    P Ramakrishnan
    P RamakrishnanSobha Limited / Deputy Managing Director
  • We started working with Silvan for our Home Automation solution at our project Windmills of Your Mind. Silvan has demonstrated very good understanding of the specific requirements of Home Automation in the Indian environment and has built a strong Home Automation platform of its own which we are now adopting in our upcoming projects Van Gogh’s Garden, The Meadow Dance, and Songs from the Woods. We are very happy with the professional and collaborative approach with which the Silvan team is executing these projects.

    Kamal Sagar
    Kamal SagarTotal Environment Building Systems. / Founder and Head
  • We are working with Silvan for automation in our Bellezea project in Bangalore. The Silvan team worked closely with us to understand our requirements and come up with an optimized solution for our project. We are glad to offer industry's first Hexa Play system and I am very happy with the professionalism and support demonstrated by the Silvan team.

    Ramesh Nambiar
    Ramesh NambiarNambiar Builders. / Managing Director
  • I have been using Silvan's home automation system in my house since last two and half years. I am extremely happy with the system as I am able to enjoy new-age living without any hassles. After hearing several horror stories about continued support from other companies after the installation, I must say that I am very glad that I went with Silvan. I liked the ability to customize their solution to the needs of the customer. I would gladly recommend them to anyone else.

    Krishnamoorthy A
    Krishnamoorthy AInfosys Ltd. / Former Vice President and Delivery Head
  • After evaluating several systems, we zeroed down to Silvan for our “The Promont“ project . We found their system providing perfect balance needed for Indian lifestyle between latest technology and yet supporting traditional way of living. It is a system made for all age group living under one roof and can be efficiently customised as per the requirement.  Silvan  is a very professional and a process oriented company.

    HarakumarTATA Housing / VP-Engineering
  • I have been using Silvan's home automation system in my house since year 2012 at my home town in Kerala. They have provided a very good system customized to my needs and I can access my home controls and security remotely also as and when I am on travel. Silvan system is upgradable and they promptly upgraded recently my system with new hardware and software releases. Silvan support and customer care team is extremely good. I would recommend them to others also. I wish Silvan team all the best in all their endeavours.

    Sebastian Verghese
    Sebastian VergheseVilla Owner in Kerala
  • Since we have got this technology installed our lives have become so much simpler. The entire lighting in our apartment is controlled by just a click on our phone. It also gives us the control to switch off the lights while we are not home! So Energy efficient!!! Also, their team is very friendly, dedicated & hardworking!  

    Mukul Pasricha
    Mukul PasrichaCo-Founder & Director at Moonlighting
  • We as a family travel a lot and when we moved to our new home spread across the large area, safety and security of the home was a major concern.  Silvan Surveillance and Security system installed at our place provides us with much needed peace of mind, with ability to remotely view the areas of homes, monitor the status of doors and as well as control the burglar alarm system … all from smart devices from anywhere. The Silvan team is very customer centric and service oriented, and responds promptly with solution. I am happy with Silvan and would recommend others also for Silvan system

    Sudhir Nagaraj
    Sudhir NagarajCEO, Vodafone India Services Private Limited
  • I have been using home automation system installed by Silvan Innovation Labs at Total Environment's Windmills of Your Mind for the past couple of years. Recently, I have purchased home at Indraprastha Shelter's Ruhe and was pleased to find Silvan as home automation provider there also. I have found Silvan's system user-friendly and easy to use. Silvan has a professional team and is prompt in addressing customer needs. I can recommend Silvan for home automation Solutions.

    Jayanta Majumdar
    Jayanta MajumdarCustomer at Total Environment & Indraprastha

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