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Silvan smart homes cover all aspects of home automation from doors to drapes, gates to geysers.
The solution has an integrated approach and provides a common platform and interface to communicate with different managements of automation viz. Entrance Management, Safety and Security Management and Lifestyle Management. read more

Silvan’s automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe and secure lifestyle.

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Build a home or a community with our solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

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02 December 2016  

“Home smart home” for the elderly

India has the second highest population of elderly people in the world according to the Global Age Watch Index, which is projected to rise to 12% of the total population by 2020.This also shows that this growing population requires constant attention, safety and care. Today most of your parents are well into their retirement years and you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule to...

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24 August 2016  

Home Automation: One Click Paradise!

Ever wondered how internet can help you take the control of your home even when you are in the office? Or how internet can make your home ready with perfect ambience and temperature when you head back from work? Having been born in the age of internet, we have still not managed to utilize this miracle of technology, which lies at our disposal, for our own lifestyle management.

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31 May 2016  

Entering a revolutionary home

What makes up a revolutionary home? What sets a home apart from others? What makes you step inside a house and exclaim, “wow!” At Silvan, these are a few of the pressing questions we ask ourselves. We brainstorm amongst ourselves as to how best we can combine functionality and aesthetic to give you the lovely, one of a kind home you deserve...

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