Banks and ATM Security Solution

Banks and ATMs are the premises which are frequented by general public as visitors and customers and are also having high security needs. Hence an automated solution needs to balance between high security and easy to use services and premises.

In general Banks and ATMs need following things to be taken care of

  • Security of Bank Premises
  • Energy Management of Bank Premises
  • Safety and Security of Employees
  • Security and monitoring of ATM Premises
  • Security of ATM Machine
  • Optimization of Power Consumption

We provide solutions and services for safety and security of both bank premises and ATMs by installting various sensors and CCTV system for surveillance. Our cloud-based IPSM system enables the 24x7 monitoring of premises from central location. Event based alerts provide proactive security measures to be taken before mishaps can happen. The cameras can be paired with the sensor, making system more proactively responsive. Remote control and maintenance of the system is also enabled through the IPSM platform. The system also takes care of energy management. The solutions also include the controls of electrical devices like Lights, AC etc at the premises which can also be remotely and centrally controlled. The rules based system at local level enables optimization of power consumption in the premises. Example, in case ATM is empty of the people, the AC temperature will be set to a higher level, but as soon as ATM gets occupied, the system will direct the AC to lower the temperature for the convenience of the visitor. The system can be seamlessly integrated across various platforms and customized solutions like UPS battery monitoring etc can also be provided.

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