Conference Room Automation Management

Conference Room Automation Solutions

Silvan offers Simple and intuitive Conference room solutions. A typical setup takes 10-15 minutes which includes actions like dimming the lights, rolling on the projector screen and switch on the projector, rolling down the drapes and setting up the right AC temperature. These operational task of conference room equipment settings is the last thing you want to be concerned about while preparing for a presentation or a business meeting. Silvan enables you to take control is all these task through simple and intuitive interfaces so that you can focus on your meetings

Set up the conference room in minutes

  • Control and dim lights
  • Control AC On/Off , temperature and fan settings
  • Control Blinds or curtains, TV projector, projector screens and projector lifts etc
  • Create various scenarios like Meeting, Presentation with combination of above controls.
  • Controls available with smart feather touch switches and smart android pads.
  • Most cost effective solutions
  • Simple and easy to install and setup fast in retrofit conference rooms also.
  • Expandable to multiple conference rooms

Feather touch and simple to use single touch keypad

6 buttons touch-pad to control scenes as programmed

  • Master Off
  • Meeting
  • Projection
  • Lights On/Off
  • AC On/Off

Simple to use GUI

Simple to use GUI on smart pad. To control lights and other devices like AC, Projector, Projector Screen, Lift, TV , Drapes individually or through preset scenes Available in two background settings

Conference Room or Meeting room booking Solutions

This feature allows the people to know the status of the meeting room booking.

  • Any individual can book the meeting room seeing the meeting room calendar.
  • Meeting Room booking request will be accepted if the room is available else it will be rejected.
  • There will a touch screen pad located outside the meeting room which will indicate the current status of the meeting room, whether vacant or any meeting going On.
  • It will also inform when the Meeting will be over in case any meeting going on as well next schedules. This helps the people to get clarity on meeting room booking

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