Can you imagine interacting with someone at your door without having to get to it? With Silvan systems, this is possible.

Silvan systems introduces you to a smart way to know what’s happening at your doorstep. With something as simple as a remote control, you can use Silvan’s integrated camera, mic, and speaker to let you see who is at the door, talk to the person and even let him in. So, you’re in control all the time.


Are you worried about an intrusion when you’re away from home? With Silvan systems, restore that much-needed sense of calm and peace of mind in your life.

Silvan systems allow you to easily detect intrusions and unauthorised entries. Using our systems, you can guard your home against intrusions in your absence. The minute there is a disturbance, the system switches on a light, raises an alarm, and alerts you through an SMS, mail, and pre-recorded phone message. The system also helps you to carefully monitor access points to your home using Silvan’s top-of-the-range surveillance cameras.


Have you wondered how to further enhance your style of living? Silvan’s products and installations have a modern and futuristic edge, which enable smart device management, allowing you to live the life of your dreams.

You can bring all your entertainment gadgets under a single-touch interface. With a programmed command such as ‘Watch Movie’, you can dim the lights, slide down and the projector and beam a movie. You can even get your devices to work under various moods. In an evening mood, the lights will be turned on bright, and the AC will switch on, providing the perfect atmosphere.


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