This sleek looking, compact yet heavy duty security device is a fusion of great engineering and great design. It synthesizes effortlessly with the décor of your home and makes your home safer, conveniently and effortlessly.


Security systems are typically difficult to install. However, with SECURE, installation is quick and effortless. You could even do it yourself! As it connects to the sensors and your home internet network through Wi-Fi, there is no need for any additional wiring.


With remote maintenance, the health of your SECURE system is being continuously monitored without the hassle of scheduling maintenance or checkups.

Product Features

  • Easy To Install
  • App enabled, works on the phones of all family members
  • Multiple Sensor Support
  • Links cameras with sensors
  • Multiple User Support
  • Crowd Source Your Security

How does SECURE work?

Using SECURE couldn’t be simpler. Set up the device with security sensors in your home and get alerts on the SECURE App as soon as any sensor is trigerred.


Links cameras with sensors

Security Sensors

SECURE supports a variety of wireless safety and security sensors. A single device can pair with up to 32 sensors giving you the capability to monitor every corner of your house.