Smart Homes

The past decade has seen a rapidly evolving Indian lifestyle and a growing demand for futuristic technology. Silvan serves to make a home more modern and urbane while maintaining a high level of safety and comfort above all else. The biggest advantage of using Silvan systems is that they cater to all age groups. While complex gadgets are favoured by the young, they may not find such loyalty with the elderly users. However, Silvan systems are designed to ensure that an elderly homeowner too will find it easy to control the installations and products.

Silvan understands that each house is different and each home owner’s needs are unique to herself.
Based on stage of the construction of house the design of the home automation system changes and Silvan ensures that we have all solutions for all homes viz… New homes, Pre Move in homes and New homes. Its never too late to get your home automated with Silvan’s solutions

New Home

New, under construction homes allow lot of freedom to enable a completed integrated automation solution. Silvan’s project series solutions provide seamless control and single user interface to various devices like lights, AC, Curtains, Sensors, cameras, locks etc.

Pre-move in Home

Pre-move in homes where the owner is planning to shift in 3-6 months time and some interior work is going on, allows Silvan to deploy either wired or wireless or even hybrid system according to site conditions and owners requirements

Occupied home

If you thought automating your home will mean re-wiring and civil work and its now too late for you to enjoy the convenience of automation, Silvan has a lot to offer you. The home owners already staying in their beloved homes can make thir home smarter with Silvan’s retrofit automation solutions which are wireless in nature and need no or limited wiring.

Silvan’s automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe and secure lifestyle.

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Build a home or a community with our solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

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Add class and differentiation to your design with Silvan’s assistance.

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